Country Markets Hub

More Choice

When you visit the market what you see is the craft/foods/vegetables etc. that the producers have brought to sell on that particular day. We can't bring everything every time so what you see is a selection. Each cook, for example may have hundreds of things they could have made and only a dozen or so of them at a given market. Many of our cooks have posted on The Hub a wide range of the foods they are willing to make. If you order them they will make them for you to collect when you come to the market. Similarly, the craft producers, plant, vegetable and fruit growers have extra items offered through The Hub

Produce from other markets

There are four Country Markets in the West Midlands group. When you come to Wythall Country Market you see the offerings of Wythall producers but through The Hub you can order goods from other markets' producers and they can be picked up from Wythall. Using The Hub greatly expands the range of items we can supply you with.

Produce from local artisans

It doesn't end there. Alongside the Country Markets produce The Hub is also open to local artisans, e.g. Henley Chocolates. These are small enterprises that are run along cottage industry lines. Many of them are in out of the way locations that require a special effort to visit. Now you can get all these things together when you visit our market. This relationship with local artisans benefits everybody. It supports the artisans, it brings people into our market and it offers you a wide choice of genuine produce.

Whether you are a local artisan interested in joining The Hub, or a customer wanting to browse it, just click on The Hub link at the bottom of the page to go to the Hub website.