We need talented individuals

Are you a mum looking for work to fit in with school hours?
Have you recently taken early retirement?
Are you looking for something to do with your spare time?
Can you cook or bake?
Are you looking for somewhere to sell your homemade cakes or preserves?
Are you a gardener?
Do you love propagating plants or perhaps you have a surplus vegetable crops you don't know what to do with?
Are you a craft worker looking for somewhere to sell your products?

Join Country Markets as a producer

We always welcome new producers and it is so easy to join.  The joining fee is just 5p (for life!) + there is the cost of an apron and an invoice book £10.  After that there is nothing more to pay.  

All goods are offered for sale collectively.  You don't have your own table.
There are no minimum quantities to produce – just produce the quantity that suits you.
Country Markets has a formula to help Members work out a fair selling price, that also gives a good return for their hard work.
A small commission is taken from the selling price of the goods, to cover market running expenses, and the rest is paid back to the producer at the end of the month. The market itself is a non-profit organisation.
Producers are expected to help with the market as regularly as possible.

One of the nice things about Country Markets is that it is an easy, safe and friendly environment.  You know that you are compliant with all the laws & health & safety regulations plus you are insured if anything goes wrong.  You are under no pressure to achieve sales as there is no table cost (just a commision on sales).  You can bring as much or as little as you like.

If you ask existing producers why they keep coming to the market the top reason given is because they enjoy doing it.  There is something creative and sociable about putting on the market.  You feel cheerful when the market goes well.  Our market is small but it is slowly growing.  Making progress as a market is rewarding in itself.

After simple enjoyment, the next most common aspect of the market prducers identify is the genuineness of the market in an age where so much is superficial.  We only sell things that have been made, cooked or grown personally.  Nothing is bought in for resale.  We make & serve the refreshments & food in the cafe.  Our customers are our friends and they come back to us each week.  There are some people who join the market just to be part of the group & help out with the coffee, advertising etc.

It is nice to get paid for your sales and if you put a lot into the market you can make a useful income supplement.  However, if income is your primary reason for becoming a producer you are likely to be disappointed.

Are you interested?

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