What is Country Markets?

Spring Pot Plants

Wythall & Hollywood Country Market is a community treasure.  We are a cooperative of producers of home-made, home-grown and hand-crafted items.  We welcome new customers and new producers to our market.  

We are like a craft fair, a farmer’s market and a community cafe under one roof. Everything on display is crafted, cooked or grown at home. Nothing is bought in for resale.

Wythall Country Market

The market has a lovely atmosphere.  It feels more like a club with open membership rather than a place to shop.  Producers and customers are friends in a relationship that brings together people who love to grow & make things with people who really value artisan traditions.  If you would like to join us as a producer we'd love to here from you.  Just click the "Join" link at the top of the page.

We are a meeting place for friends

Producers don’t only come to sell their wares and customers don’t only come to buy them. Country Markets are places for friends to meet and have a good cup of coffee or tea with a home-made cake in a sociable atmosphere. At the same time the goods on display are attractive and unique. Whether it is for yourself, or for a gift, you will always find something special. 

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